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about us

OJIO was introduced in March of 2010 in a small booth at the annual Expo West tradeshow in Anaheim, CA. We were a brand new company, eager to show for the first time and had just finished the designs for our packaging. Since we were pressed for time, we sent our first order of packaging directly to the show and happily hand-packed pouches of product into our new boxes. In the end, we had the product packed and our booth was ready to show in the nick of time. The show was a success and our enthusiasm has only grown stronger.

Back then we thought that superfoods could only be super if they were grown under the right conditions, in the right part of the world, taken care of correctly and processed by people who had been doing it their whole life. We’re happy to say we still feel the same way

We’ve traveled (and still travel) all over the world looking for our products. Some of our products come from farms and others are literally growing out in the wild. Just because it looks like a superfood doesn’t mean it’s nutritious, so we make sure to find the good ones. Superfoods and supplements aren’t created equal and we do extensive research on each one, from how it grows to how it’s processed. Our goji berries, for example, are grown on the Tibetan Plateau where they’ve adapted to the extreme climates and are kept away from polluted air and contaminated water sources, as a result, they are more nutritionally beneficial than others out there. Each of our partners is extremely knowledgeable and have years of experience bringing out the best in their product, so we make sure to work directly with them instead of going through middle men. By doing so, we develop relationships through face-to-face interactions with our suppliers which ensures sustainability, fair pricing and superior quality.

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